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RPA’s Impact on The Job Market

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The “new year” is officially here, and businesses are now implementing new budgets, goals, and workflow processes. For many, this means hiring more employees, but for some, it means implementing machines that can do a lot of the grunt work for them. This technology is called robotic process automation (RPA) and is used to streamline operations and cut costs. RPA helps to reduce human error by automating simple things such as email responses, reassigning canceled flights, etc. It can also reduce staffing costs as it eliminates tasks that human employees complete during their work day; therefore, allowing each employee to focus on work involving human skillsets. This can be a pitfall to RPA because it eliminates some jobs altogether. Forrester Research said that eventually, RPA will take 9% of jobs away from humans globally. On a more positive note for recruiting and the job market, additional contingent labor positions may be created to implement and provide support to RPA as the process is complex and quite time-consuming. RPA software and the platforms used to connect these machines are constantly evolving and updating.

How is Swoon Preparing?

Swoon is prepared for the changes that RPA will bring to technology roles. We are here to find new roles for anyone who may lose their job due to RPA. We are also excited for the new jobs that RPA will create and the opportunities to help your companies fill these contract or direct hire positions. For more information on RPA please check out this article and for more information on how Swoon can help you or your business, reach out to me today at  

Chris Jensen Sr. Major Account Manager