10 Tips for Better Time Management

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It’s easy to get swallowed by your workload, but what you need to do is tame it. Well, as best you can. Here are some tips for winning the day.

1. Do the hard, ugly, non-sexy stuff first.

These tasks usually carry a mental weight that you want off your back. When things keep getting easier, your day builds momentum. When things get harder, your day hits a bump.

2. Just Say No.

You know what you can and can’t do. Don’t overcommit and turn into the evil, unfriendly overtasked you. Be honest with your manager. Your manager may not have a good enough vision into how much you’re doing. Don’t complain or be sarcastic, just be realistic and explain you won’t be able to take the extra task.

3. Don’t Skip Sleep.

The sandman will take his toll whether or not you’re sleeping 7-8 hours every day. You’ll burn out. You’ll get stupider. That’s not what you want.

4. Concentrate on the Important Stuff.

It’s easy to forget to weigh the importance of your tasks when you’re in full-blown multi-task mode. Keep asking yourself is this what’s important now. If the answer is no, well you get it.

5. Destroy Your X-Box and Your Spare X-Box Right Now!

OK fine maybe you’ve earned a little fun, but don’t get carried away.

6. Exercise.

Keep charged without drinking awful-tasting “energy.” You’ll feel better.

7. Get Organized.

It sucks having to look for things. They take you out of your game and make you angry. Not a good way to start anything, cept maybe prize fighting.

8. Reward Yourself.

Get one of those fancy coffees at the hipster joint down the road or whatever. Don’t keep plodding onto social media when you’re supposed to be working. Work then get a real reward.

9. Get an Early Start.

You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more and will have earned some slack-off time at 2 or 3 for leisurely chats with folks.

10. Don’t Let Details Derail You.

That doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality for speed. It just means keep in mind you need to finish and you can’t let a minor detail take away from the larger good.

And you should celebrate your achievements. You should even brag about yourself a little to others. After all haters gonna hate and you don’t have time for that.

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