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Relationships over Metrics

posted by Jessica_Henry |

Hey everyone, check out our video called “Swoon: Relationships over Metrics”.

It provides some insight into what moves us and makes us do really great work. We felt that it was important enough to tell our story. Companies that we’ve built relationships with know how hard we work getting to know them and our knowledge of the industry. We go to great pains to make this all seem effortless but it isn’t. The key is leading with what drives us, what we’re passionate about, and that’s not numbers. We’re driven by building strong relationships with everyone we interact with.

Enjoying what you do matters

You want your workforce to feel fulfilled and well valued. It’s not just filling a desk. It’s about acting on a talent strategy that fits with your vision. We get this and want to help you do things the right way. We have access to deep talent pools, and this is important but we’re especially good at narrowing things down for the companies we serve. We want to make the process as quick and simple as possible, but that doesn’t mean settling on something that’s almost right. But, well, don’t just listen to me have a look at the video. It’s short and sweet. Promise.

About Swoon

We are technology and professional recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Are you ready to be Swoon’d?