Attracting Top Talent

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There are a lot of very talented, slightly bored people plugging away out there. They’re working in stodgy corporate cultures that aren’t really doing anything for them, except making them feel like they’re in the wrong spot. And most of these talented people aren’t just looking for more money to move on. According to many surveys, for millennials it’s more important to be a part of a culture they care about; one that nurtures growth and is fun and energizing. So how do you communicate your culture?

At Every Touchpoint

Talk and talk and talk some more about your philosophy around your office culture. Give examples of some of the things you do to keep things lively. Like anything else, this shouldn’t seem forced or fungineered, but it has to be conveyed. It’s not a small detail. Prospective hires are going to envision their lives in your culture, and you can help them get a better feel by remembering to talk about this as a big advantage you have over other places.

Ambassadors on Social Media

Let people hear not just from hiring managers and HR reps but from actual employees at as many levels as possible. This makes the message more real, more trustworthy.

You Never Know Where You’ll Find Your Next Office Rockstar

To get back to those bored people plugging away: these are most likely passive candidates who may not be actively seeking out your company. These are people who would likely have a relationship with a recruiter but aren’t out there pounding the pavement. So start partnering with recruiters that work in your industry.

Talk About Your Data

There are a lot of needless barriers to communication, especially for people who work in technology. Many talented people that come from safe corporate jobs struggle with this daily. This lording over the data rather than seeking out collaboration. Share some data that informs how you operate with prospective hires. It’s amazing how liberating it can be. Let them know they’ll be part of the big effort. You’ll excite them and show your confidence.

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