Relationships Are The Key To Candidate Placement

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Does anyone really apply for jobs through company web sites anymore?

The Application Problem

Unfortunately, too many companies require web site job applications. When you hit “submit,” you really have no idea whether anyone will actually look at your resume. Or if the company even received it. And truth be told, most HR reps and hiring managers simply don’t have the time to look at every resume that comes in via a company’s web site or even via snail mail. Excellent candidates are too often lost in the shuffle or completely ignored because of the volume of resumes HR departments receive. The term “crap-shoot” is an understatement.

Top-tier candidates can be frustrated by the traditional anonymous, cattle-call nature of applying for tech
jobs. A masterful cover letter and a remarkable resume can be treated with the same weight or attention as an inexperienced candidate’s middling experience. To find the right company for one’s professional experience, you need a connected, motivated advocate in your corner.

Swoon’s Solution

Our recruiters are relationship creators.
We cultivate relationships with hiring managers and HR reps. We understand how companies interview and what they are looking for in candidates to fill specific positions. Swoon relieves hiring managers of the stress of bulk resume assessment. Rather than waste a company’s time, we screen talent to present only first-rate candidates
that can step into the position immediately. Rather than waste exceptional talent’s time, we rely on our relationships with hiring managers and our knowledge of their requirements and interview process to match the right candidate to the right company.

Swoon excels at telling our candidates’ stories to the hiring decision makers in order to bypass the traditional obstacles job applicants’ encounter. After meeting with a candidate and understanding his or her desires and requirements, our recruiting team makes quick work of matching talent with need—and because Swoon has such extensive relationships with hiring managers and HR reps, our knowledge of what’s needed and how to fulfill that need are impeccable. But we don’t ascribe to the “churn and burn” approach: we foster ongoing relationships with our candidates. You won’t only hear from us when you’re looking for a job. We’ll keep in touch even after you’ve settled into as new position. Things change quickly—Swoon wants to be part of your team as your career evolves.


The right job with the right company—something both candidates and hiring companies can agree upon. Swoon has such strong relationships with hiring managers from such a variety of companies that when we send someone to a firm, they know they are seeing a great candidate for the job. Bypassing the anonymity of blind web-based job applications, Swoon gets candidates interviews with decision makers that we have established relationships with. They trust us to only send top-tier talent their way. You can trust us to send you to only top-tier employees.

About Swoon

We are technology and professional recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.

At Swoon we take pride in our process—and in the recognition we’ve received for what we do.

2015 & 2014 Best Staffing Firm to Work For (Staffing Industry Analysts and
2014 TechServe Alliance Excellence Award
2014 Best Places to Work (Chicago Business Journal)

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